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Emmons Family | Chesapeake, Va

On June 16th... I received an email.... 
It was Shauna. 
My heart sank. 
Shauna contacted me MONTHS ago wanting to set up a family session - but as life would have it, the session was postponed...  
Things just got busy. 
But this email.... this email was different. 
There was a sense of urgency and a sense of regret. 
Regret, because she wished that life hadn't gotten in the way... and that the session had already taken place. 
And urgency, because as life would have it, her husband Mike would be diagnosed with a brain tumor. 
Heart steadily sinking, I responded to her -- typing as quickly as I could.  
I didn't care what it took - I would rearrange my entire schedule to get her and her family in for pictures before Mike went in for his surgery. 
Shauna was SO nervous that her family was a little 'too crazy' and a little 'too stressed' to get good pictures... but after I reassured her for the 10th time (wink) I think she realized that I wasn't out to get the perfect picture... I simply wanted them to enjoy one another... so she had nothing to worry about! 
I've been there... I know what it's like to feel like your world is falling out from underneath of you -- and I wanted more than ANYTHING to help Shauna realize that everything was going to be okay.  
That's all I wanted.  
We played with Muskrats, made wishes on dandelions and ninja kicked each other...  
The session was perfect and Shauna's family was SO much fun. 
Oh, and I have to tell you -- Mike's surgery!?!?!? Went perfectly!!!!  
I still want to ask that if you pray, please pray for his recovery and for his family's strength... and if you don't pray -- will you take time to think about Shauna, Mike and their family!?!?  
I know it would mean the world to them! 
Meet the Emmons 
Makeup - Kristine Marie | Hair - Chelsea Styles
I got Shauna's a little 'too crazy' family to smile! =)
Kayla, their oldest daughter -- posed Mike and Shauna for a picture! It was funny and everything awkward!
the Zoolander face!
Here Mom and Dad... a 'flower'!!!!
haha! Like father like daughter!
handsome thang!
Can you spot the grumpy face?!?! =)
This picture is for Mike... this is proof that even though he's the 'Dad' -- he's more likely to pay attention to the camera than anyone else!!!! =)