Sharon Elizabeth Photography

Meet Sharon

I'm a wife and a mother... but let's dig deeper into who I truly am....
I'm sensitive... like hit a lightening bug in the middle of the night... and cry the rest of the drive home - sensitive... I'm a cry at commercials... kind of sensitive. I am such a tender-heart... I am such a sensitive-tender-corny-cheesy-mush-ball.

I'm an open-book... I remember when Chase asked my Dad for my hand in marriage... my Dad told him -- "I could ask you, do you know what you're getting yourself into.... but you already know what you're getting yourself into.. because Sharon is an open book.. she always has been... what you see is what you get... there are no secrets with her...."

I'm a simple-small town girl... I grew up in a one-light town.. my graduating class in high-school only had 14 people in it.. My childhood taught me how to appreciate the food I was eating... taught me that 'eating' in general, was a blessing.... and it taught me how to work for everything I owned.. Having a small bed in the laundry room and growing up in a trailer -- really makes you appreciate the simple 'things' in life..

My upbringing has taught me to be grateful for even just the warm wind in my hair... the embrace of a man who loves me unconditionally... The simple things in life -- like holding Chase's hand, holding my sweet little girl and the smell of a puppy's breath.. are truly what make me whole....

Leave me with nothing -- and the simplicity and beauty of life will keep me happy.

I'm passionate... and I'm purpose-driven... My passion stems from my drive to live a purposeful life... which ultimately stems from my faith. Everything I do in this life is for Him.. and even though I fail.. over and over again.. I still wake up every day trying to live for Him.. The way He loves me is how I try to love others.. I'm passionate about teaching... and about photographing people... and I pray that somewhere along the way -- you can see the light I try so desperately to keep lit.

I've come to realize that my enjoyment in photography isn't found by creating the perfect image... It's seeing someone feel beautiful - it's capturing someone laugh - it's watching two people fall in love again...

My heart belongs behind a camera...and when this big beautiful world seems to be failing me.... Behind a camera is where I find myself again.