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ow that we're 100% in full wedding swing -- I'm jumping on here to introduce you to the newest SEP team members .... AND announcing something pretty bitter-sweet.... Our new team members were brought on last fall -- they've already job-shadowed - been through full days of training -- a retreat -- and have worked almost 10 weddings this year.... and so, it's time to finally introduce them... Be sure to click on each tag so you can get to know them more!! 
First up we have.... 
1) A new Second Shooter - Blanche - She has a good head on her shoulders - works HARD - and is SPUNKY... SPUNK - KEEYYYY.... a FIRE! She can hang with the best of 'em but is sweet as pie!
2) A new Assistant - Katie - She was actually one of my past brides and as soon as you start thinking she's all sweet and professional... her face turns into one of the silliest faces you'll ever see and she makes you laugh... She also has a way of making you feel so at ease and comfortable.
3) A new Assistant - Mandy - She could carry on a conversation with a wall.... like a good conversation... there would even be laughter.... She's happy and bubbly and all things rainbows and pearly-whites. She also says exactly what's on her mind - so be prepared!
With all of the excitement we've had around here -- even That Booth Guy got a new look!!!! I also have some VERY bitter-sweet news to share..... If we were chatting.... these dots would indicate me pausing... for awkward lengths of time. 
Back in 2012... I received this message..... I'm not even going to auto-correct it either. bahahah! 
"I feel like I am always sending you messages on facebook, Im sorry"/  
I just want to tell you though, you are a role model to me. I love photography, and i originally wanted to be a photojournalist or a photographer. Its just hard to get started in. 
When I look at your work its breath taking every single photo you take is perfect. I can't tell you how many times I have read your blog and its made me cry. Not only are you a incredible photographer but a great writer.  
I hope you never leave smithfield because when I'm old enough to get married without a doubt I want you to be my photographer. Its funny because my sister says the same thing too ??  
I saw your recent facebook post and please don't ever think that about your work. Your photos are so inspirational. One day I hope I can be like you!  
This is so rambled haha I'm sorry."
That's how it all began.... 5 years ago she became a part of my business.... my life.... She first modeled for one of my mentoring sessions... and then I mentored her a couple times... photographed her numerous times... brought her on as an Intern/Office Manager when I had my Downtown Studio Space -- she then became a portrait assistant -- a wedding assistant -- a second shooter -- and then an Associate Photographer... over the last five years she has grown to be a HUGE part of SEP.. but more importantly my life.... I remember back in 2012 - writing about that mentoring session she modeled for and saying --  
"I think it's great how some people end up 'weaving' themselves into your life!!! Have you ever thought about that?!!? You meet someone one time and end up creating a lifetime together -- I have a feeling that's what's happening with Meghan and I!!!"
And that statement is true.. still to this day... and even after the end of 2017 - when she will no longer be a member of SEP (yes... there's the bitter-sweet moment there.... cue the tears and ugly cry face) -- we will STILL be beside one another creating a lifetime together... It all started with creepy love letters she would write to me on facebook (lol, joking of course) -- and now here we are.... 
We let all of our brides know a couple weeks ago and the outpouring of support for Meghan (and SEP) just makes me cry...  
Meghan, you're going to do amazing things with your freelance journalism - traveling - possibly moving to Kansas (except, that's not happening - I won't allow it) and anything else you put your heart into.... I am SO PROUD OF YOU and as much as I hate to see you go... as your boss -- as your best friend, I have to tell you that you would be crazy not pursue your dreams... and you have my support 100%. I have so much faith in you. Thank you for helping our program excel over the years and thank you for being one of my best girls to do life with... even when you bust our butts being silly....
Speaking of butts.... I like yours!