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Meet Meghan | SEP Associate Photographer

eet Meghan.... she's one of our Associate Wedding Photographers..... 
A few things to know about Meghan... through the eyes of ME...  
1... She's "bossy" and organized -- in the BEST possible way... she makes sure that family portrait time runs smoothly AND quickly - so things aren't behind... so that our team is all on the same page... she is a lot like me as a wedding photographer in this aspect. 
2... She is tenderhearted --- this chick is a crier.. and I mean a crier.. sometimes I wonder how she can even see the camera.... seriously, that's the boss in me. lol... I'm like let me see those photos.. were you too busy crying or were you still working... of course - the answer is always both =) 
3... She is a doer --- she takes initiative and does... you don't have to ask her to get you water or to do anything really, she's usually one step ahead. 
4... She is authentic -- she compliments genuinely and gives hugs tightly. 
5... She is coachable -- she readily accepts feedback and always applies things so that the next wedding is shot even better than the last... she learns from every experience and I am lucky to have her.. she represents SEP well - and any couple is lucky to have her! 
Check out this after the gym 'Meet Meghan' video.... in true SEPGIRL fashion -- it's half ridiculous... and mostly gym clothes =)