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Happy Life | The Question Game

he question game. 
It's SO much more than just asking each other questions... it's getting to KNOW each other - whether you're newly dating or in a seasoned relationship... It's answering the questions honestly... but more importantly... and sometimes even harder... being receptive to each other's answers. 
I freaking LOVE this game. 
On one of our most recent road trips, Chase and I played the question game.  
We asked each other flirty questions... silly questions... future questions... and not only did I find out new things about Chase... but it actually brought us closer together.  
The rules we play by... 
1. if you ask the same question, you still have to come up with another question 
2. you have to be honest 
3. you can't get upset 
4. you have to take it seriously 
And some of the questions we asked each other.... 
1. what's your favorite thing about me? 
2. where do you see us in five years? 
3. do you regret anything? 
4. what's something on your bucket list? 
If you're feeling a little disconnected from one another OR you're just... bored! You should totally do this! I think you'd be surprised at how it will quickly reconnect the both of you... but remember to follow the rules =) 
Want to know a question that I ask Chase every....single... day?!?! 
because I'm totally that girl 
What do you love most about me?! 
And not only am I asking this question because well.. it makes me feel good... BUT I want to know what I'm doing that Chase loves.... after a week of his answers, I can always tell what I'm doing that makes him feel special... 
For instance.... 
He likes when I cook dinner. 
He appreciates it when I clean up around the house. 
But he LOVES it when I wear less clothing. 
HA! =) 
Don't EVER stop getting to know one another... no matter how seasoned your relationship is!!!
photo by zoe of andi + zoe