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Behind the Scenes

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Here it is... Behind the Scenes photos from our 2015 Wedding Season!!!! You can take a look at last year's blog post and of course enjoy this years!!! This is ALWAYS one of my favorite posts from other photographers!!!! It gives you a glimpse into how they are on the day of.... and a lot of times how they operate!!! 
I'm sure if you don't know us over here at SEP.. you will EASILY see that we are.... idiots.. and like to have fun... we like to dance... pick on each other.. and act like ninjas!!!! 
There are SO many ridiculous videos too... and maybe I'll make a separate blog post for those!!! 
So in random order... with a mixture of cell phone photos and regular photos... I'm calling this post... 
When you ALWAYS get asked to dance....
When a guest asks you to Vegas to marry him... in two weeks...
When you're outside light testing past sunset!
When you hate having your picture taken.
When you're bubbly... and a terd face!
When you're Josh Mann.. of Mann & Wife -- you go ABOVE and beyond for EVERYONE!
When you cray and pretty!
When you have a ladder....
When you're making jokes with parents and the Dad gives ZERO
When you think you prettayyy LOL
When you have enough time to take THIS many photos....
When you take 102389123098 photos to make sure everyone's looking at your camera!
When you have to stand in this particular spot during a ceremony!
When you love to hate each other for fun
When you light test....
When your best friend from college comes to assist at a wedding
And when she dances all night long
When you're sizing up your dancing competition
When you have so many friends to dance with
When you bend over and twerk it... I will photograph it!
When you break it down
When you don't understand the question..... or think it's a terrible idea
when it's POURING outside and you rock it out anyway.... (for those interested, flash or OCF was NOT being used here)
When you're having a moment during the ceremony
when you think each other is cray
when you do a BANGING photoshop job!
When you gotta stank eye!
When you accidentally wear the same color as the bridesmaids
When you're tempted to liquify your little mommy pudge but don't and post the photo anyway
When you look like this for my photo.. I WILL post it. lmao
When Tianna of Andrew + Tianna come out and second shoot for you!
When you have a ton of friends.
When you LOVE your brides!
When you just wash your hair!
When you can't even see me right now!
When you love your job!
When your second shooters ALWAYS take photos of your butt....
When you're swapping cards during the ceremony
Whennnnn you're shooting Canon now....
When you got that beer swag.....
When you shoot at one of the COOLEST venues but don't have any room
When you get the Sharon face.....
When you have a second and get a photo of your daughter... and get sweaty eyes
When you're a huge help to the bride.
When you make a new friend!
When you don't realize you're not supposed to be cute for our BTS photos!
When you got a CRAY way of taking detail photos
When the chef asks you to take photos for him!
When you really love babies!
When Meghan ALWAYS licks your face....
When Meghan ALWAYS gets hit on at weddings....
When Meghan ALWAYS has an ugly cry face at weddings....
When you take a photo of me taking your photo...
When you're getting picked on....
When you dress.. totally not cute.
When you show love in high fives!
When you hate standing next to Meghan....
When you get the Sharon face....
When no one dances with you
When you post this photo for no other reason other than you like your hair!
When you're shooting family formals in a church... and the bride's dad is WAY too cool!
When you're TOTALLY one of the guys!
When your bride hates you... LOL. jk.
When you are having so much fun.
When your bride actually really LOVES YOU!
But when she doesn't understand you....
When this... lmao... this....
When you got that face like woah
When you are COMPLETELY obsessed with dogs...
When this REALLY happened....
When Emily allows you to give her bangs.... (aka our hair stylist)
When Erika of Erika Mills Photography second shoots for SEP
When you're actually telling them that you don't mind if they take their photos first!
When standing like this helps...
When... I don't even know....
When your space is limited for the dress!
When you light test and it's dark out!
When your bride and her girls think you're funny....
When you got that pretty smileeee
When you get the Meghan face.....
When you're pregnant and light testing... Jessica -- one of our new second shooters
When...... you at least have nice eye brows
When you encourage all of your brides to get videographers.. and they do!
When you find the light!
When the videographer comes in for a close up! Ben of Reel Love Weddings
When your assistant carries everything and still fluffs the dress
When you're trying to talk at a reception!
When you really love fields
When you're waiting for the ceremony to begin
When Meghan acts silly for light testing.. and then busts her butt
When dougie be hiding in the bushes
When you're just trying to get outta the way
When you're shooting formals and the guys are all GQ status
When you look SUPER pretty and mean at the same time. lol
When you make this face and don't mind me posting it... lol
When guests try and take over!
When the bride lets you make her a drink........
When you love your boss
When you see me like this... I have no idea what you're saying....
When you farted... most likely... LOL
When your hubby is working The Burlap Booth at one of your weddings
When you stand near the food to smell it....
When.. again... more photos of my butt
When someone else asks you to hold a bag...
When this ACTUALLY happened during formals.. and I thought it was so funny that I requested a photo of it...
When your SEP girls love trees
When you're a granny and wear glasses like me...
When you're calling out your bride.. and your bride loves you for it.. lol
When you're Dominic of Dream Clips and you LOVE working together
When you share photos and videos of each other being crazy
When you got all the moves....
When you REALLY hate your boss...
When it's time to pack up!
When you have amazing eyebrows.... lol forreal!
When you're feeling pretty!
And when you're not!
When your boss spits her gum in your hand....
When a little girl steps on your foot.. on purpose.. and then walks away....
When you're dancing and realize Dominic has been filming you
When you think you're not in the photo
When you're all alone
When you do what you have to do!
When you're a badass!
When you're taking dress photos in a chair closet!
When you're rocking out formals and your assistant is marking off names
When you have your reception face on and the girl in the back does too!