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ast year, I wrote about my experience with designing albums and how Align Album Design has changed EVERYTHING for my business as far as album design is concerned!!! Hell... if I'm being honest.. they're the reason that I even sell albums now!!!! 
I sell albums to my wedding clients and my boudoir clients and pricing always seems like one of the biggest issues for photographers in general... but especially when it comes to albums, it seems to get even more frustrating. You've got your costs, your time, the market you are in, the client you are trying to reach, and a gazillion other factors to consider. You want your clients to have an album when they walk away from their experience with you, but you also need to charge a premium to make a decent profit and make it worth your time and effort. It can be so hard to figure it all out.... and let's not even talk about the nitty-gritty on how much a GOOD QUALITY album costs YOU, the photographer. It's easy to get a 30$ album off of consumer sites and up-sell and sell an album that won't last more than a year... but you don't want that kind of quality to represent your brand.... at least... you shouldn't! I use Leather Craftsmen as my album company - and the quality of their albums are certainly some of the best in the industry -- certainly the best I've seen... and I've tried multiple companies!!!! 
So if you are struggling with pricing your albums and you can't seem to find a comfortable balance -- my album design company Align Album Design developed a short little quiz to help you evaluate your current pricing and see where you can make improvements. It's only 3 questions and it won't take you long to complete. Once you're all done, they'll email you with your album sales strategy alter-ego and some feedback on whether or not your pricing lines up with your values. Click here to take the quiz now! (Follow the link in the upper-right-hand side of the screen.) And when you get your results, come back to this post and share them in the comments! I'd love to hear whether you think they are accurate and if the feedback provided was helpful!