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The SEP team is hiring

uess what time it is?!?!?!!? It's time to hire some more folks again for the SEP team!!! 
From 2008-2012, I feel like I really spent my time learning and growing MYSELF as a photographer and as a business owner... and from 2012 until now - I've really been able to begin growing my business and truly helping OTHER photographers... What a BLESSING. 
So for positions... right now we currently have.... 
Emily who works for us as an Office Manager and a Wedding/Portrait Assistant 
Ashley who works for us as an Associate Photographer and a Second Shooter 
Meghan who works for us as a Second Shooter and as a Wedding Assistant AND next year she has been promoted to an Associate Photographer 
Chase who owns/operates The Burlap Booth 
With our Associate Program growing so quickly -- I am looking to bring on  
1 Wedding Assistant 
2 Second Shooters 
The basic job requirements are as follows: 
Second Shooter:  
At least 1.5 years of shooting experience  
Manual Shooter  
Wedding Portfolio  
Professional gear  
Own transportation preferred  
At least 18 years old  
Weekend availability  
At least 18 years old OR have parent's written permission  
Basic understanding of photography/camera gear 
Weekend availability  
Ability to carry/hold gear for a period of time  
If you're interested in applying FOR EITHER POSITION -- please fill out THIS APPLICATION 
Application deadline is August 14, 2015!!!!! 
After reviewing applications -- those who will move on to the interview round will be emailed by August 21, 2015. Those not selected will not receive an email but please know how truly grateful I am for your application!