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o yesterday I had my first 'team' meeting at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy with the girls I'll have the pleasure of coaching this year!!! I think I may have used the phrase 'I'm so excited' -- at least 10 times while there..... but I don't even think those words begin to describe the gratitude and excitement I really am feeling.  
I've coached before... and it was incredible... but this is different.  
I'm becoming the person I've always dreamed of becoming. 
In my college entrance essay, I wrote about becoming a teacher and a coach... the essay was entitled 'I will become...' I'll never forget it -- I can literally even remember writing it... re-writing it and having my favorite English teacher proof it with me. That essay and that teacher were... and are... monumental 'things' in my life.  
I had NO doubts that one day I'd become a teacher and a coach when I was writing that essay... I felt it down to my core.. and as a Senior in high school - that's a pretty powerful statement... because we don't know much about who we really are as individuals yet... albeit we think we do at that age. 
I never knew that that essay and that teacher would still be two of the driving forces to who I am today... who I'm becoming....  
Teaching and helping other people become better... to live better.. to push harder... to just be... BETTER... is something I've ALWAYS been passionate about.  
I remember playing on a travel softball team when I was younger... It was actually one of the teams I had the pleasure of coaching years later... but the head coach for that team..... has been a huge inspiration in my life. 
I was at that age where other people's opinions of me mattered... too much. 
I was depressed... down on myself... but 'fighting' it all... I knew that I didn't WANT to feel that way or to feel inadequate...  
I remember talking with him one day before a game.... and he hugged me and said that I was better than what I was told.. that I'd do amazing things... and that he believed in me. 
Over 10 years later... that coach is still an integral part of who 'Sharon' is....  
I want to be THAT person to someone... on the field... behind a camera... sitting at my desk... walking around the block... 
I don't care HOW it happens... I just pray that I can be that person for someone. 
Who is straight-forward... caring... and hopeful... 
That coach didn't have to look me right in the eyes and tell me that... but he meant it. 
It's a hope.. and a prayer.. that I've had since I was younger... to coach others... to teach others... for God to use me.. little ol me.. to somehow spread light into someone else's darkness.... 
I always thought that my tender heart would lead me to feeling heartbroken.... and I always thought by seeing the best in others would leave me unable to trust... but the truth is... that's not the case at all.... it's who I am.. I'm so passionate about others and their journey -- and I'm so grateful for this heart I've been given. 
Man.. why am I crying. 
I had no idea that this blog post would end up this way... wow.. I totally got lost writing this... if you're even still here right now -- I'm awkwardly air-hugging you!!! 
SO... ANYWAY (looks around) -- I wrote ALL of that to say.... I TRULY AM so passionate about others... I invest so much of myself in everyone and I have a few Spring Mentoring dates still available... and I would LOVE to sit down and chat with you and get you on the right path for your business/hobby!!!! You can reserve your date by selecting the options down below!!!  
Wow.. I feel so silly.. I'm off to finish my thoughts.. sorry for taking up 120398 minutes of your time <3 
loving and hugging on someone SO hard... that it gets 'awkward' when they try to pull away.... that's my favorite.
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