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2014 Sweet + Lacey Workshop

HH!!! Back in November -- I hosted the first annual Sweet + Lacey workshop and we seriously had an amazing time!!! We talked about everything from posing to lens choice to pricing!!! We had spaghetti and salad for lunch -- because y'all know I have to eat...  
and we had sweet tea!!!! 
Some of the attendees might be surprised to find out -- but I was apparently SUPER sick that day.... I ended up having a fever of about 103 the entire workshop and felt like my head was going to explode... but I put on my game face and pushed through because I was SO SO excited to teach and share things... I think only a couple people knew that I felt like I was on my death bed... AHH!!!!  
beast mode activated 
Teaching is something I am SO very passionate about... it's not something I do just to bring in money!!! I put a LOT of love and passion into my workshops and into teaching...  
I recently had a mentoring session with one of my favorite sweet photographers - and she showed up and said... 'Don't I owe you money...' -- y'all.. I was literally so excited about hanging out with her and chatting about photography that I completely forgot that she hadn't paid me... thankfully, she was honest. HA!!!! I also recently turned down a mentoring session because taking it just didn't seem right, and I referred her to someone who was a better fit for what she was wanting!!!! I just don't think that saying... 'I really love this' does enough justice for how I truly feel.  
I guess you can compare it to wanting your children to grow up to be better than you... that's how I feel about others... I want the photogs that I mentor, to end up better than me... I want to learn something from them.. I want them to have bigger dreams than I have. 
I am blessed to have this business and I have been blessed with the gift of photography and a passion for teaching... I am so thankful for it... I take it seriously.... and if I can just help one person... that's reward enough for me! 
"This Workshop was nothing less than AMAZING!!! If you are a photographer or thinking about getting serious about your photography I highly recommend taking a workshop offered by Sharon Elizabeth Photography, she is so talented and her workshops are a blast!!! " 
Pamela Obenchain 
Y'all... I totally stole that from Pam's photography page.... :) 
Before we head into photos.... check out this workshop film that the awesome Blueberry Creative put together (their link below)!!!! 

Sharon Elizabeth Photography Workshop Behind The Scenes from Blueberry Creative on Vimeo.

And now for some BTS photos of the workshop along with some of my favorite shots of the models!!!! BTS shots are a mix of mine and Ashley's photos!!! 
The 2015 Sweet + Lacey Workshop is officially open... see below for more details!

Chase finishing up our lunch!!!
Kelly Gish does an incredible job!!!
LOL... Kristine is going to kill me for this... but she did her hair/makeup and felt HOT! #SELFIE
"Furry cat"!!! Love Adam -- I've been working with him since 2011!!!
Mic test!
Some workshop goodies!
So gorgeous!
GAH.. I just love this venue!
Teaching about posing and client communication before we split up into groups!
I am REALLY OCD about hair!
I call this the Photographer Stance.....
Doin' work! Adam drove all the way up from Wilmington to spend the day with us!
Hahaha! I call this the videographer crawl!
Hahaha.. Caught showing the poses!!!!
I call this the Tianna think face! hahahah <3
One of my favorites!
She is so gorgeous!
Our curvy model Kara.... gorgeousssss!
She has a booty for dayssssss.........
My little Meghan did sooo great - love her laugh!
Sorry Mama Lupyan!
See.... that booty... I die!
I see you Meghan!
Another favorite!
I LOVE her outfit!
Such a natural!
Love this one Meghan! Your eyes look like cat eyes!
My partner in crime and sweet friend...associate...second shooter...workshop assistant... Ashley! =) She loves me!
All of my favorite workshopperssss... Thank y'all so much.. seriously.. XOXO
The 2015 Sweet + Lacey Workshop is going to be held on November 9th and is 750.00 -- to reserve your spot only 200$ is required.  
Taxes not included - Specific details are emailed out one week prior to the workshop