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Black Friday Specials

No fluff... let's just get to it.... 
Today only..... the 2015 Sweet + Lacey Workshop... only 499$ (plus tax)--- November 8th is the date so mark your calendars!!!! After today... seats are 750 + tax!!!!! 
Online Gallery Sales until Monday -- for all current clients!!!! 
And my 2015 SEP Brides (who booked me as their lead photographer) just got an awesome email for an EXCITING new service coming to SEP -- they got first dibs AND a huge discount!!! Associate Brides -- you'll be notified NEXT!!!!! Everyone else -- be on the look out soon for the big announcement =) 
Here is a short peek at our 2014 Sweet + Lacey Workshop -- the guys over at Blueberry Creative are AWESOME and 'threw' together this quick piece for you today -- SO excited to see the final cut... can't wait to share it!!!! And I think I speak for everyone when I say.... the workshop was INCREDIBLE -- seeing all of the attendees share their photos and experiences in my online workshop group has been so amazing... I'm so grateful for such a great group of friends!