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There isn't just one answer

here isn't a day that goes by that I don't get asked questions about photography.... everything from which camera to choose.... what program to use... how to shoot like this.. or like that... or how to get started in photography. 
There isn't just one answer..... 
What do you want to do with your camera?! What do you want out of the program?! What are your photography goals?! 
There are so many questions to be answered first before those questions can be answered. 
What worked for ME - may not work for you....  
What camera I started out with... may not be the one you should use.... 
How I shoot an engagement session.... may not be the way your clients want to be shot.... 
Our journey is different... our clients are different... so ultimately.... our approach should be different. 
Anyone who claims to have THE secret to being a photographer... to being successful..... is selling you something... I promise. 
You can take things you learn from others and mold them to fit yourself... and to fit your business.. and there are photographers out there who want to help you (including myself)... but please know... 
There isn't just 'one' answer for you. 
Back in 2008 -- asking other photographers for help was VERY taboo... you just didn't do it.... workshops didn't exist and finding a mentor was a far-fetched idea that just wouldn't ever come to fruition.... This industry has come a LONG LONG way... It's so nice to see so many helping hands now! 
When I first started... I bought camera gear that I could afford and that offered the most 'bang' for the price.... I took pictures EVERY.SINGLE.DAY... no exaggeration here... whether I was taking pictures of a cup in a windowsill or of my cat yawning for the 14th time... I took pictures... I made my mom model.. my sister... my friends... I even took pictures of myself (because that's cool).... I spent every day editing those pictures... I used Picasa and Photoscape... when I wasn't editing or shooting... I was reading how-tos... watching videos on youtube... or had my nose in books.... and when workshops started coming out --- I was signing up for those.. with money I had saved.... 
Nothing was ever handed to me... 
And honestly -- you shouldn't want handouts either!!!! 
There's so much to be said about hard-earned 'success' (however you may define it).. SUCCESS that you EARNED.. Sunday at my Sweet + Lacey Workshop I spoke on that.... about how you should never expect ANYTHING... especially in business... you have to EARN it... and you have to work HARD for what you want.  
Maybe THAT'S the 'secret' in business... HARD WORK... because if you want money -- then you have to work hard to get some... if you want happy clients -- then you have to work hard to please them....  
It just takes practice... and investing in yourself... and time. 
It takes time y'all.... 
Work your hiney off to find out what works best for YOU.. PRACTICE.... PRACTICE.... invest in some workshops... read some books.. and know that it may not come cheap... but it will be worth it. 
It'll be so worth it to say you EARNED it. 
it feels so great looking back on where I started... and how far I've come.
animals are the perfect subjects to practice on
making my sister model for me!
Love that red eye =)
I was practicing with my new flassshhhh!
love that logo with the heart in it right!?!?! ha!
yes.... yes I did things like this....
My mom and I taking photo-walks!
One of those 1208123098 photos of my cat yawning!
New logo aye!!!! LOL -- wanted to practice with my macro lens!
Was trying to practice getting really cool skies with high apertures!
And those selfie pictures..... how's that for a wrinkle face.
Macro practicing again!