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here is one thing that I am very.... passionate.... about when it comes to shooting boudoir... I don't know a better word for passionate, so that's what we're going to go with. 
It's SO sad to think about the number of inquiries I get from girls who have had terrible experiences with "boudoir photographers"... and I say that term loosely because I strongly believe that not everyone should shoot boudoir. 
The NUMBER ONE thing you should be great at when being a boudoir photographer is knowing how to pose a woman... and not just any kind of woman but EVERY kind of woman. 
Women come in ALL shapes.. sizes.. ages... and as a boudoir photographer - you should know how to pose each and every single one of them so that they look JUST as beautiful as they feel.. AND in a way that showcases their beauty in the best light. 
You CANNOT just throw a woman on a bed.. half naked.. take her picture and call yourself a boudoir photographer. 
And honestly.. it angers me that this happens. 
Having photos like this taken.. it's something I take very seriously... this is a VERY vulnerable situation for a woman.. and to see people NOT take it seriously.... makes me very... 
Another thing that I'd like to bring up is that fact that if you are shooting at a hotel (or any location for that matter) and sneaking in girls... you're not being an honest professional. You should ASK for permission to make sure you're allowed to use the location you're shooting at for the type of shoot you're doing... Plain and simple.. if they tell you no -- oh well find another location. Be a professional if you're going to present yourself as a professional and take photos of women like this. 
If you are just starting out in photography.. I TRULY.. with a passion.. believe you should NOT be starting off as a "boudoir photographer"...especially without training... these photos are so sensitive and if you don't have the knowledge or the business sense to handle the shoot as a professional, I feel like you should start by shooting women with their clothes on. 
So much more goes into a boudoir shoot than just showing up with your camera. 
-Have you prepped your client?! 
-Does your client know what outfits showcase their bodies the best?! 
-Is your location safe/private?! 
-Have you both signed a contract?! 
-Do you have permission to be shooting where you're shooting?! 
-Do you HONESTLY know how to pose a woman so that she feels comfortable?! 
-Would YOU trust YOURSELF with a boudoir shoot?!! 
That last one is HUGE... I think that every client should ask their "boudoir photographer" if THEY would get their own photos taken by themselves...  
For me.. I don't care if you're a size 14... or a size 2... and I don't care if you're 21... or 55... I trust myself to capture YOU and show you how beautiful you are. 
Girls looking to have boudoir done.. PLEASE... be cautious of who you hire... make sure they are a professional. please. please. please. 
Photographers looking to shoot boudoir.. PLEASE... invest in your education and training before you even consider shooting women in this way...  
Because I'm SO 'passionate' about boudoir... I decided to host my own Sweet + Lacey Workshop... I first announced the Sweet + Lacey Workshop back in April on the Facebook page.. it's something I've been planning to do for over a year but then came Ava :) -- Boudoir and photographing women is something I TRULY enjoy and I'm putting so much love and 'passion' into this workshop!!! I truly love teaching and helping other people do amazing things!!! 
We'll be covering everything... from posing... to lighting.. to business/sales... There will be paid - professional models for hands-on shooting. It can be hard to get model releases because of the nature of these sessions - so you'll have an incredible portfolio to show new potential clients!!! You'll find out how I got started shooting boudoir and we'll discuss contracts and model releases... and so much more!!!! Plus we're having a catered lunch.. and I love to eat - so there's always that!!!! The venue is GORGEOUS and we have incredible vendors on board!!! 
Shoot me an email if you'd like to grab the last few spots!!! Only half required now to reserve your spot! 
Check out some of my boudoir photos over the past few years -- in no particular order!!!! Some of these ladies have multiple children.. some have incredible hips for days.. and some have to use a push-up bra just like I do... but they all have one thing in common... BEAUTY!!!