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The Beauty Workshop

osting Workshops is something I find very rewarding.... Teaching and learning are both things that I am very passionate about... I don't just talk about how photographers should continue learning, growing and investing in their education as photographers... I actually do those things myself!!! Every year I try to take at least one or two workshops - and I am constantly watching online workshops and reading tutorials on how to improve. Even five years into photography, and I'm still passionate about learning -- you should never become stagnant in this business (or in aspect of your life for that matter). 
Once you stop learning... you stop growing... and once you stop growing... you stop being successful... and I don't mean just monetary success. 
This particular workshop was geared towards Beauty Portraits and beauty editing... My goal for every workshop or mentoring session is to keep it very intimate so that learning is at its highest. I know for me personally, I learn the best when groups are smaller - so that's the way I like to teach.  
We all had an AMAZING time.... and reading some of the reviews from the photographers that attended, truly bring tears to my eyes.... getting emails from them after the workshop expressing how much they learned.. Seeing them 'get it' -- that's what I find rewarding...  
Just because I had to learn things the hard way and had no one to rely on in the beginning stages of my photography career... and just because I failed time and time again... doesn't mean that I'm going to be stingy with the knowledge that I've obtained over the years -- if I can genuinely help someone.. just one person... not have to learn things the way I did... the hard way... -- then I feel like I'm doing something... worth-while. 
I have two amazing classes coming up that I would love to see you at... 
1. October Styled Shootout... This is more of a 'Styled Shoot' vs a 'Workshop' -- and it's going to be gorgeously styled with some beautiful models to photograph!!!! What we do is - split up into groups and work on posing/lighting/new creative techniques... and I am there along the way to answer ANY questions you have and offer up advice!!! You'll make new friends and grab some amazing photos along the way!!! There are still some seats available! 
2. Business/Branding Workshop... This is going to be intense... Two full days of business/branding -- we'll discuss pricing and packaging... client communication... a guest speaker will be joining us to discuss accounting and taxes (EW but SO important) =) -- anything and everything you need for the BACKBONE of your business. This workshop will be taking place the first weekend in November (Previously August) -- there are TWO spots left. So if you are struggling to find out who YOU are in this industry or how to take your business to the next level, this is for you. I'm going to be sharing a LOT.  
Please email me to reserve your spot at one of the next two workshops... whenever you sign up, you are automatically added to my Workshop Group where you can start asking questions and networking with other photographers... in fact, some of us were able to meet up for dinner last week... for fun! 
Anddddd without further adieu, here are some behind the scene shots from my last workshop!!!! 
Makeup + Speaker: Kristine Marie 
Hair: Kara Shae
This makes me laugh SO hard... we all have our own unique 'camera face'!!!! 
Some of the attendees' pages.. check them out!!! Share some love <3 
Carolyn (not available)
Special thanks to our GORGEOUS model Farrah for driving SO many hours to be there with us!
Hahahaha.. these next few shots are so funny!!! We shot well past after sunset!!!!
Woooork it!
She's so gorgeous!