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Dear New Photographer

ear new photographer, 
Welcome to the industry. We 'know' how excited you are -- We remember the excitement like it was yesterday. We 'know' how terrified you are -- We remember the fear like it was yesterday. Welcome to the industry where most of the photographers before you will tell you that this is the best job in the world... 'capturing memories' - creating heirlooms - and getting paid to do what you love most.  
Welcome to the industry where everyone has the 'secrets to success'... Where those before you may not be telling you the 'whole truth'. Where being a photographer really means running a small business... and those secrets to success?!?! Don't always work for everyone. 
We want to give you a genuine welcome... and tell you the 'truth' about what to expect. 
You're going to fail. A lot. 
You're going to work long hours and have little to no time with your family. 
You're going to have some disappointed clients - and it'll likely crush your spirit.  
You're going to be broke.. because you're going to have to invest all of your money back into your business. 
You're going to take photos 20% of the time. 
You're going to market and email and edit and sit in front of your computer 80% of the time. 
You're going to compare yourself to EVERYONE around you. 
You're going to have to learn on your own and not expect to be handed success.  
You're not going to be taken seriously at first -- you'll likely be walked all over and taken advantage of. 
You're going to realize that frustration is part of success... there is no finish line. 
You're going to break.. but it's up to you whether or not you put the pieces back together. 
If that doesn't make you want to quit already, you're ahead of the game. These are the 'truths' some of us didn't have the luxury of knowing before we dove right in.  
So all of those things?!?! Terrifying... but you know what?!?! The truth is -- it can be SO worth it.  
Getting a thank you note from a bride that makes your heart turn to mush.... a hug from a groom - a good hug - that lets you know you 'passed' the test... Getting the defining shot that reminds you all of the frustrations, failures, disappointments -- don't mean anything... It's 6 steps back and 1 step forward... and that 1 step forward is what keeps you going.  
So welcome to the 'business'... where photography comes last, business comes second... and it seems like failure always leads the pack... but never forget about that one.damn.step forward.  
New photographer.... do you know what you're getting yourself into?!?! Dive on in, but don't do it blindly. Don't let the 'breaks' crumble you. They might hurt like hell - but they don't have to define you. You've got this. 
The frustrated-sleep-deprived-photographers before you
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