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or all of my portrait sessions (excluding the few family sessions I actually do) -- all of my packages include professional hair and makeup... and I think a lot of people who follow my work or have seen a few of my photos know that... but a lot of you might be asking yourself why?!?! 
Why does hair and makeup actually matter?! 
And I think that's a GREAT question. 
From a 'business perspective' -- I truly wouldn't be anywhere without my team of stylists... I feel like they help complete my brand and I am forever grateful for them... From a 'personal perspective' -- I KNOW how it feels to want so badly to feel pretty... especially for pictures - dang, don't we all.?!?! 
If you've followed me for any short amount of time you know just how much I LOVE photographing women... Bringing out that inner-confidence is something I strive for with each of my female clients.... and having hair and makeup done - helps me reach that 'goal'! 
Ladies, have you ever just gotten all dolled up for no other reason that to 'feel better'?!?! I know I sure have. Today in fact. 
I had planned on wearing a baggy t-shirt to my ultra-sound and didn't want to put makeup on... but I put forth a little bit of effort and it made me feel SO much better about myself. 
I have even been checking out my newly acquired boobs today -- man I love pregnancy. 
ANYWHO (hahaha) 
I wanted to share some before and afters from a few recent shoots...  
Here's Jessie... Look at that gorgeousssss face!!!! 
Makeup: Kristine Marie 
Hair: Chelsea Styles
Here's Lauren -- I love that even in her after you can still see her freckles... makeup doesn't have to be 'heavy or painted on'!! 
Makeup: Kristine Marie 
Hair: Kara Shae
And here's Ashley -- I mean.... I don't even have words!!! 
Makeup: Kristine Marie 
Hair: Kara Shae