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Sessions... the things you don't think about.

wanted to share a few session "ohIhadn'tthoughtaboutthats" with you!!! This will be great food for thought for some of you photogs - maybe even create your own 'hadn'tthoughtaboutit' list to share with your clients... this is also great for those of you who have a portrait session coming up!!! These aren't the normal tips you'd usually get - like tips on picking out your outfits or suggestions like you should definitelyforsurealways get your hair and makeup professionally done.... so be sure to pay attention =) 
1. Be sure to eat before your session - especially in the summer months.. the heat takes everything out of you. 
2. Along those same lines, bring water with you to your session.. stay hydrated. 
3. Spit your gum out.. we can all see it! 
4. Be sweet to your hunny alllllll day, so that when you arrive at the session -- you two aren't grumpy with each other.... the camera can tell. 
5. Do not spray tan or go tanning before a session -- keep an eye out for bathing suit lines as well. 
6. Try not to arrive late to a session -- photographers can't make the sun stay out any longer than it wants to. 
7. Girls.... look out for panty-lines. They are the enemy... they will haunt you... and if I see them, I will make you tuck them "away." HA! 
8. Get your eyebrows done a week before... if you do it right before your session, you'll likely have redness and irritation.  
9. Bring an extra pair of contacts... 
10. Ask your makeup artist about kissable lip stain/gloss/stick.. because you WILL be kissing and neck-nuzzling! 
Hair: Chelsea Styles 
Makeup: Kristine Marie