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tarting out in this industry is hard.... it's hard as hell. and I remember when I first started -- I genuinely had NO idea what I was doing. I started taking people's money, because I thought it was AMAZING that someone was paying me to take their pictures!!!! I wasn't really running a business, I was operating a lemonade stand. 
I wish someone would have sat me down and told me everything.... and I mean everything... from how I didn't know as much as I thought I did, and that my photos weren't as great as my friends were telling me... I wish someone would've just been honest... and not just nice. You know?! It wouldn't have taken me so long to get where I am today. I still sit here in my Studio and wonder how I finally ended up here.... 
After years of crying... thinking I'd never make it... Scratching dreams off of my list - and not because they were accomplished... After years of failing... and after losing friends due to bad business decisions... I've finally made it. 
And it's because somewhere along the way... somehow.. I've succeeded... I've gotten back up... 'one more time'... and I've fought through the failures. 
I've built my business off of honesty, vulnerability, and genuineness... and I truly believe you don't have to 'be' someone else to succeed. Good Lord, I never thought that talking about being a ninja would ever even matter -- but somehow it does. It all matters, when you're 'you'. 
I want to help you.. I want to share 'everything'... my failures... my successes... my falls and my getyourassbackups. 
This August I am hosting a two day - in-depth workshop... and I want you there. 
This will be intense. 
This workshop will be honest... it will be raw.. and it might even be exactly what you need. 
Let me help you get 'un-stuck'.... let's take your passion to business and create new goals.. because honestly, how long can you have 'go full time' on your goal list - without finally marking it off!!! 
This is not your everyday workshop -- we won't spend time talking about jpeg vs raw or why you should wear your lens hood... This cuts straight down to the heart of your 'business'.... but don't be scared, I'm going to walk you through my journey of 'chasing dreams' to 'living them'... and then we'll finish off our final day with an incredibly styled shoot!  
Seats are EXTREMELY limited.. and if you book your seat before May 17th 2013 - you'll receive the discounted rate of 600.00.  
Seats booked after this date will pay full price of 900.00.  
These prices will cover a one night stay... your lunch and dinner for both days... and a sweet gift!!!!