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Styled Shootout

GAHHH... The styled shootout was an amazing success... I loved hearing all of the feedback from the photographers!!! 
They came from near and far to be there -- we had West Virginia folks, Maryland folks and of course Virginia folks!! And holy hell, I'm so grateful for that. 
I am already planning the next Styled Shootout... and now that I know people 'actually liked it' -- this next one is going to be INSANE!!! 
Think... Prince Charming -- Fairy-tale -- Horses.. kind of stylized shoot. I can't wait!!! 
A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone behind the scenes.... 
The models... Kellen + Laura + Andrew + Lexi 
Event Planner - Pinch of Charm Weddings 
Makeup Artists - Lauren Townsend + Kristine Marie 
Hair Stylists - Kellen + Kara Shae 
The Caterer - The Catering Place 
A little BTS shots from the day!!!!
Shay from Pinch of Charm Weddings could've been one of the models!!! So cute!
Hey... where do you want me to put these....
No really.. where do you want these?!
break time!
She might kill me for this... but she was so excited for the pose she had just set up, and I was planning to capture her excitement - and as soon as I started taking her picture, she said OMGOSH I HAVE TO SWITCH MEMORY CARDS.. lol cute!
LOL.. something about this one makes me laugh!
Awww -- one of the groups! 
I'm an idiot, and should've thought to do this for all of the groups... fail.
Here are some photos from a few of the photographers that were there!!!! EEEE!! 
Go and like their Facebook pages... and tell them I sent you =) 
Hey Sharon!!! OMG!! Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing experience. I loved everything about the shoot out!! It is always so much fun to work with creative minds!! You were so helpful and encouraging! I am really looking forward to doing a mentoring session with you next year...YOU have made it on my goal list for 2014!! :) YAY!! Erin Daniel
I can never really explain how much confidence I gained in myself through Sharon's workshop! From the professional hair/makeup to working with a wedding stylist/coordinator, I really was able to breathe through my thought process and create my perfect image in camera. Sharon was beyond helpful, stopping and explaining every single detail of composition to lighting to focus! I walked away from the workshop refreshed, excited but mostly PROUD of my work! Erika Mills
I had a great time yesterday and am learning to step out of that comfort zone! I pray that guiding people along with poses will become more comfortable for me. Thanks for your hospitality and your guidance! Your knowledge of this art is unlimited and I thank you for sharing!  
Tabby Raiford
Tabby Raiford
Tabby Raiford
I can't thank you enough for such an amazing experience! I have admired your work for so long, but to actually meet you was amazing. I learned so much, I know that the shoot out will be a stepping stone in my improvement. I loved how you were so professional and kept everyone on track, everything went so smooth and I am incredibly grateful!!! I will treasure this experience for a LONG LONG time!!! And I'm sure you will be seeing me at another one :) It was a BLAST!!! Elizabeth Henson
Jessica didn't tell me she loved me.... RUDE. =) Lol no, in her email she asked me how my time away from Facebook was!!! =) 
Jessica Norrell
I love that these photogs were brave enough to let me share their photos!!!! Please go leave them some Facebook love!!! 
I will be sharing my portraits on the blog this week... stay tuned!!!