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Tiffany | Smithfield, Va

iffany drove down from Ohio (go Buckeyes) for her mentoring session and we had SO much fun!!! Not only did we spend all day together learning and talking life and photog... but SHE got in front of the camera too!!!! For those of you just starting out, if you don't do 'anything' at least get your 'beeeeehinddd' in front of the camera!!! You'll learn how your clients feel and you'll learn comfortable poses!!! Clients are looking to you to guide them and pose them, and if you aren't comfortable showing them the poses, they won't feel comfortable doing them!!! 
Show them... tell them.. and then guide them!!! Be direct and confident... no second guessing yourself -- get in front of the mirror and then in front of the camera!!! Heh!!! 
Huge thanks to our gorgeous model Meagan for coming out and being gorgeous!
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Killin' it!
SO pretty!
Love her laugh!!!!
And then we got Miss Tiff all dolled up and in front of the camera!!! 
Makeup -- Kristine Marie 
Hair -- Kara Shae
Just gorgeous!
This is the perfect Tiffany picture!!!! Giggle box -- gorgeous and so sweet!