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o you're shooting things just to bring in money... and you're miserable.  
Or maybe, you're shooting everything because you just don't know where your heart is just yet. 
Let me challenge you to really self-analyze today. 
I want you to ask yourself these questions.... 
1) What photos have I taken that make me the MOST excited?! 
2) What kind of photographers do I love following the most?! What are they taking pictures of?! 
3) Think of a few sessions you've had where you were SOOOOO happy and excited and completely in love with what you were doing - what kind of sessions were they?! 
And I want you to be really honest with yourself... The first few years of my business I was taking pictures of anything and everything... because I 'didn't know' what I wanted to take pictures of, and I also thought it was awesome people were paying me -- why would I stop that from happening! 
It wasn't until a couple of years ago when it really slapped me in the face.... I took a good hard look at my 'business' and asked myself why I was slowly becoming unhappy with it. The only time I was down-to-the-core happy, was when I was taking photos of women.... who had 'suddenly' become beautiful in their own eyes... and when couples were telling me that they hadn't felt that way about each other in a long time... that they had fallen in love again during their session. 
Those were the only times I was super...super.. happy behind the camera. 
And it wasn't until I made the decision to specialize that my business really began to grow. People started noticing my 'passion' in my photos... and because of that, they wanted to be a part of it... Women wanted to feel beautiful, and couples wanted to fall in love again... and they wanted me to capture it. Completely humbling, might I add. 
Just think about it.... when you're on the prowl for one particular thing, you don't go to the person who offers everything... you go to the person who offers exactly what you want. Why would you want a generalist.. when you can have a specialist!?!?! Someone could ask me to photograph her pet, because I know how to take photos, but to be sure she won't get "great-passionate-photos" -- my passion isn't in pet photography.... You would go to a pet photographer. Make sense?! 
Stop creating excuses for why you aren't shooting from your heart. 
It's not about the money... because when you love doing something, bills have a way of paying for themselves somehow.. People see your passion and they respect the fact that you love what you do. When you can own your work, they will trust you... and in turn, pay for your services. 
It's not about what other people will say... people are going to say things regardless of what you do... no need in making their opinions part of your decision making!!! You'll never succeed that way. 
Just go do it.... trust yourself... trust your heart -- and everyone else will to!
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