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Handling the critics

Sharon only got the cover of the magazine because she's friends with so and so..." 
"Sharon shouldn't be charging those prices.. I'm better than her and don't even charge that much." 
"Why did Sharon even get a studio space...." 
"I heard she's not quite a professional yet." 
"So I hear that Sharon owns a nice camera and thinks she's a photographer now." 
"Sharon is too open on her blog... she relies on her personality to get clients." 
"Sharon wears jeans and boots to her photo-sessions, she needs to dress more professionally." 
"Sharon gets free hair and makeup because she's friends with her stylists." 
I mean, the list goes on and on... and I'm in my 5th year of business.. People talk... but I think what people fail to realize is that the wind carries. I think we've all been 'victim' of gossip - especially if you're in this business. It's sad, really... .and I think we should start standing up for ourselves sometimes... Pick and choose our 'battles' of course... but not be a door-mat... and honestly, I probably come across as a door-mat at times...  
But not today. 
Today, I'm here to tell you that it was a nail-biting honor to have gotten the cover of the Wedding Planner Magazine... and darnit, it wasn't because I know 'people' -- I've never been that lucky! I've always had to work hard to get what I have... I've earned the things I have in my life... and I earned that cover selection - fair and square.... You have to put yourself out there in order to get anything... and for once, I'm standing up for myself -- that was a damn good photo.... and I earned it. 
I am knowledgeable in my craft and comfortable teaching others... I know my camera inside and out and am constantly growing and learning.... My prices are perfect for my business and you shouldn't be comparing your prices to mine... they fit for my lifestyle and cover my bills.... and you say you're better than me?!?! Probably so!!! I am more than happy to take the back seat or take second place, because I'm confident in my craft and what I offer... For once, I'm standing up for myself -- I'm okay with second, because I don't measure my success by being better than the next photographer. 
I really have no idea 'why' I got a studio space -- but back in October, I made a list of my goals... and getting a studio space was the first one on that list.... It only took me 2 months to make that dream come true... For once, I'm standing up for myself -- while you're busy questioning my business choices, you could be marking off accomplished goals on your list.... that's what I'm doing. 
Sharon does own a nice camera.... is a professional... and is a photographer... and if you put those three things together you get a professional photographer with professional equipment. For once I'm standing up for myself... and I'm doing it in third person. 
I am true to my brand... and that means when we meet up for a photo-shoot... I'll be in a hoodie.... torn blue-jeans... and cowboy boots.. My hair will likely be in a pony-tail and I'll have pearls in my ears (because I like pearls, darnit).... I am an all-american... small-town... hand-out-the-window kind of girl... and I'm not trying to take your photos wearing a prom-dress.... For once, I'm standing up for myself -- and no, I will not be pretty for your photo-shoot... I'm there to work, not look good! 
If you've been visiting the blog for any amount of time now, you know me.... You might even feel a little 'weird' reading my posts sometimes, because they are 'that' raw... I don't hide anything -- this blog is not only a place for me to share my work, but it's a place for me to share my life... It's a way for me to remember incredible things.... to remember struggles I've gone through.. and a place to watch myself grow - as a photographer and as a woman.... For once, I'm standing up for myself..... I am open on my blog.... but I can also stand behind my craft and my knowledge as a photographer. I don't want a client to tell me they hired me because of me (as flattering as that is) -- I want a client to tell me they hired me because they love my work. End of story. 
And lastly... I get free makeup and hair because I have become friends with my stylists....  
I HAVE become friends with my stylists. it's how we make such a wonderful team.. and never.have.I.ever.. asked them for 'free' services.  
So today.... I am finally standing up for myself.  
Are there people in your life that have a tendency to make remarks... doubt you... or simply try and bring you down?!!?!  
How about, at least for today, you OWN yourself... successes, mistakes, pony-tails and "nice" cameras!!!! 
Own. It. All.