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The reality of starting a business

et's get real... 
The myths of starting a photography business... and the actual realities of starting a photography business.. 
Myth: You must own a nice camera. 
Reality: You must know how to OPERATE a 'nice' camera and know its limitations. 
Myth: You must know how to edit your photos. 
Reality: Knowing PS/LR is beneficial, but you must know how to produce great images straight out of camera first and foremost. You shouldn't use editing software to 'fix' images.... only to minimally enhance. 
Myth: Photography is easy. You just press a button and tell people to say 'Cheese'. 
Reality: You should know what aperture, ss, and ISO mean.. stand for.. what they do.. how they work... and how to use them interchangeably during a session... in any lighting scenario... not to mention what Kelvin means... how to create custom settings on your camera... the difference between JPEG and RAW... what kind of memory card to use... what formatting does.. and the list goes on. Oh... and you should never tell a client to say 'Cheese'.. ever... seriously, please don't do that =) 
Myth: Other photographers should gladly give you information because you're new and they should help you.. if not, they're mean people. 
Reality: Don't get me wrong, there are mean people out there.... I personally, am very open and willing to help other photographers who are eager to learn.... HOWEVER, there is a HUGE misconception that information should simply be handed over when asked for. I understand that new photographers want immediate results in their work and bank account - but it doesn't happen that way. And not all photographers are 'mean' if they don't hand over the information they spent years learning.... simply because you asked! Sorry - so true though! 
Myth: Photography is cheap. 
Reality: Ha! This is the biggest myth of all. Photography is by far one of the most expensive hobbies/careers EVER (In my opinion at least).... Please do not become a photographer with the expectations that you'll build your 'gear/equipment' over night... unless you're extremely loaded - in that case, send me some money please!!! Also, if you ARE eager to learn and be a professional, don't be afraid to invest in your education as well! Workshops, mentoring sessions, online tutorials and the list goes on... The one thing I've learned in this industry, is that nothing worth-while is free... Except Creative live!!!! 
Myth: You don't need a business license if you don't want to be a professional photographer. 
Reality: Hmm.. partially true... BUT if you take money from someone - you NEED to be licensed... unless you want the Big Bad Wolf - IRS - to come and get you! Talk to your accountant to verify this for certain, but up until a certain amount of income you can claim it on your taxes under 'Hobby' -- but be very careful.. some people are hired to scour Facebook Business Pages to see if people are illegally running a business. Here is some good information on "Hobby vs Business"!!!!  
Myth: You need a Facebook page. 
Reality: If you are legally running a business, then yes, a Facebook page would be very beneficial..... however, if you are just starting out and/or simply doing this for fun - you do not need a business page... you are probably giving 'clients' the wrong impression AND those people hired to hunt for 'illegal businesses'. 
Laaaa-teeee-deeeee..... Laaaa-teeee-daaaaa