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I've been wanting.....

lot of times when I start thinking about new dreams... about bigger dreams. I start replaying all of the times I've failed. 
I start thinking about how I'm still not where XYZ photographer is. 
And I start thinking that I'll never book another client... EVER. 
Things can get pretty dramatic. 
And yet... still I dream. because the thought of failure doesn't compare to the thought of achievement. 
I've always been the type to never want to settle for mediocrity...  
I think even despite the crazy life I had growing up... my parents taught me two things that have shaped me 
My Mumma taught me.... 
Always want more for yourself -- never settle for less than you deserve. It's up to you.. Earn the best life for yourself. 
And my Daddy taught me..... 
Never want so much more for yourself that you forget to be grateful for what you already have.... for where you're already at. 
And so growing up with divorced parents -- really... truly... helped shape my OWN beliefs. 
Beliefs that I can one day pass down to my kids. 
I never-ever want to 'just be'.... but in the same sense -- I never-ever want to be wanting so much that I forget what it's all about. 
I gave myself a GUT check yesterday. 
I love it when my Psychology Degree turns on ME... I start analyzing myself. 
Like I said, things can get pretty dramatic. 
So.. this morning. 
Instead of wanting to book more mentoring sessions... 
And instead of simply wanting.... 
I want to give. I want to be grateful for this blessing I've been given. 
I honest-to-goodness didn't wake up with this intention... but after really thinking about myself and my business when writing ^ up there.... 
I've realized that I've just been 'wanting'... wanting more more more...  
SO.... today I would like to offer ONE very lucky photographer a chance for a FULL day's worth of mentoring with me. 
Hopefully that's worth something to someone... HA! 
For free... 
What you'll get: 
7 hours of hands-on learning
1 hour portfolio review 
2 hours of business/marketing 
2 hours of editing/workflow 
2 hours of camera/shooting (with a model) 
and.... lunch.... 'cuz I gotta eat! 
This is a 1,000.00 value!!!! 
What you need to do to enter: 
1) Leave one comment below telling me something YOU'VE been wanting.wanting.wanting.... but now realize you need a GUT check! 
Make sure to leave ALL of your info so I can contact the winner... only ONE entry per person... ONLY comment if you are participating. 
2) Head over to the Facebook page and 'Like'. 
If your friends head over to the SEP page and leave YOUR name in a comment AND 'like' the page - more chances for you to win 
3) Save the image below and share it on YOUR Facebook page and tag (using the @ symbol) the Sharon Elizabeth Photography page. 
And then make sure you can see it on the SEP Facebook page.Tag my personal page IF need be - Sharon Hundley 
4) Smile 
Mentoring Session Giveaway has no Cash Value. Session will take place in Smithfield, Virginia. Sharon Elizabeth is not responsible for travel expenses or lodging. Winner will be announced on the blog on December 27th.