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The Hammond Family | Smithfield, Va

Ever have one of those friends that you KNOW will be a 'life' friend!?!?! 
That's Steven for me! 
We met back in 2001 at a Youth Conference.... Y.A.D.A.P.P. -- this conference literally set the foundation for the person that I've become today.  
I've spent almost every year since then going back and volunteering - the first five years I worked my way up as an Intern... alongside Steven!!! We were inseparable!  
We fought like brother and sister... and loved each other like best friends!!!! 
This man is a very dear friend of mine -- and I can't imagine my life without him in it! 
It was an absolute JOY to be able to photograph his gorgeous family!!!! What a lucky man to have three pretty girls around all the time =) 
Check out some old pictures of me and my 'boo' in the red hat! At 16 I was a gangster! lol
Down in front... together of course!
Again.... always together!
One of those 'brother and sister' moments! hahaha!
Now... years later and all grown up!!! Meet Steven and his three gorgeous girls!
GAHHHH... little Gabbbbbyyyyy is SOOOOO cute!
I am squealing!
and miss Nat stole my heart!!!
I wanted to take her cute little face home with me!
Big sissy kisses!
High Fives!
And seriously... how cute is Kia!
Love her laugh!