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Sweet + Lacey Session | Lynn Acres

esterday on my instagram page I posted the following.... 
I'm sorry... (y'all about to get me started on a rant) but the one thing I CANNOT stand is the "put someone else down in an effort to lift someone up..." mentality.... the whole #curvygirls vs #skinnygirls debate is at the top of that list.... we are who we are. And no amount of meat or bones changes that.... there is no certain weight size that determines our beauty and worth.... it's the shape and size of your HEART that makes a (bleeping) difference. So instead of.... "I'd rather be a size.... insert whatever size society tells us..." how about we start saying... "I'd rather be a confident and kind woman who practices self love..." and no matter what the tag in your britches says... no one can put you in a box that says you are not worthy. 
And just like any bold statement or opinion.... I watched for feedback/engagement/reactions.... want to know what I noticed immediately, I began losing a noticeable amount of followers.... very soon after I shared it....  
And let me tell you.... and let me be frank.... it feels SO good to get those people off of my feed.... people that clearly don't believe that every woman is beautiful regardless of her shape...  
There have only been a handful of times in my business where I've posted something and saw an immediate drop in followers....  
Yesterday being one of those times.... and another time, was when I first shared a photo of an interracial couple on my facebook page... Yep... true story. 
Let me tell you something --- if you are close-minded or filled with hate... I will pray for you but I would also prefer that you actually DO unfollow me... I do not want that kind of support in my life or for my business. I do not support hate... and I do not support bullying.  
My platform is based around acceptance - love - and encouragement.... and anything other than that won't be tolerated.  
In other news..... seeing a woman finally accept and love herself... is hands down one of the reasons I'm a boudoir photographer.... and I LOVE seeing the actual transformation of the process... but also the heart transformation.

Loved how sweet and playful this outfit was!!!