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Tonia + John | The Currituck Club Wedding

hen these photos started loading on my computer -- I may have squealed a little bit!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing feedback from my teams that they had a wonderful day and that everyone treated them so kindly..... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to give good feedback back to the teams after reviewing and grading their work....  
Tonia + John hold special places in Meghan's heart... trust me, I know this because she tells me all the time!!!! And they treated my girls like long time friends and family.... They also built a LOT of the reception decor.... say WHATTTT -- be sure to check them out HERE and all of the incredible things they can create and build for you <3

Maya Couture Bridal Gown
Wedding Band, Engagement Rings
Bright Peony & Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet, Cowgirl Boots
Father Daughter First Look
Y'all.. HIS REACTION....
I just can't handle this!
So simple and beautiful!
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Vows
Beautiful Bride
Bride, Bridesmaids
Groom, Groomsmen
Wedding Party
They built this TABLE
First Dance
Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance