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Sweet + Lacey Behind the Scenes

believe two of the biggest misconceptions about boudoir photography are... 1) it's raunchy and 2) it's stuffy.... Albeit, perhaps some boudoir sessions are those two things.... but I can assure you that is not the case with a Sweet + Lacey Session.... with me... sure you'll get some beautiful and sexy images.... but the process is anything but stuffy... or raunchy.  
I pride myself on making this experience meaningful -- AND enjoyable.... let's be honest, I can act really silly -- and although there are moments during a Sweet + Lacey Session where things are serious... and beautiful.... there are also moments where you're actually able to let loose and throw your head back and laugh....Isn't laughter the best kind of beauty anyway?!!?  
I know it's easy to look at photos I share from Sweet + Lacey Sessions and feel.... scared.... It's easy to look through Pinterest and see 1000s of boudoir images and think of all the reasons why you shouldn't (or couldn't) have your own session I get it.... 7 years ago, when boudoir wasn't even really a 'thing' yet -- I did a session as a gift to Chase.... and I'm as modest as they come.... I was nervous - I told my mom to call the police if she didn't hear back from me within a certain amount of time.. ha! Totally Serioussss!!!!  
But I just want you to know I am WITH YOU on how scary a boudoir session seems.... I want you to know that this is an empowering and beautiful experience and you deserve to experience it too... It doesn't have to be stuffy -- or raunchy!!!! Even if you never have a session with me and I'm not the right photographer for you, I want to help you find a TRUSTED boudoir photographer -- I want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience.  
I thought it would be fun to put together a little behind the scenes video of what one of my Sweet + Lacey girls experience.... it's no professional video-footage, but it does a good job of highlighting the experience!!!! Not videoed here = me acting like an idiot =)