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hen you're just starting out getting to know one another... things are EXCITING... they're new - you are interested in each other.... actually interested. 
You're confident and motivated to treat each other kindly. 
Things are easy. 
Getting to know each other when you don't already know each other.... is easy. 
When you've been with each other for years and you know almost everything there is to know about one another... that's when things get hard. 
You've found out about all of each other's little quirks.... you may even have a list of things the other person does that... ha. might in fact, annoy you. 
Crazy... right. 
Although things get harder.... and although you have to actually WORK at your relationship after being together for a while... you wanna know the best part!!?!? 
The Flirting.  
I catch myself watching Chase ALL of the time... intently watching him. He is just so damn handsome.  
I watch him playing with Ava... doing the dishes... cutting the grass... I watch his back when he's washing our trucks.... him bending over to put his shoes on... and I watch him take his shirt off after a long day at work. 
I admire him. 
It's not the same as when I first started getting to know him. 
I know him now.... and that makes it so much better. 
I know that he has a huge scar across his shoulder blade and a smaller scar below it from his first heart surgery.... at 1.5 months old. 
I've watched his body transform within just a few weeks after his three open heart surgeries 4 years ago. 
I know what each of his smiles mean. 
I know his mannerisms.  
And for those of you who know exactly what I'm talking about here... you get it.  
You've experienced LIFE together. 
For those of you who haven't experienced this yet -- I canNOT wait until you do.  
Like for Chase... he tells me all of the time how much more beautiful I am now that I'm a mom...  
I remember my Grandma and Grandpa flirting up until the day my Grandpa passed... my Grandma was forever talking about how much she loved his butt... how fast he drove... and how he never listened to her when she said be careful.... they loved each other SO much and every time I saw them together, they were stronger and more in love than the last. 
Don't forget to look at each other.. really LOOK... make eye contact... admire each other...  
Appreciate each other...  
For instance.... sometimes flirting can be as simple as.... telling everyone how you feel about your husband after you get out of a procedure....