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Happy Life | Love yourself

ou want to know something that's hard... self love. 
Want to know one of the best things you can do for your relationship.... love yourself. 
If we don't love ourselves - we'll rely on our spouse to make us happy or even rely on our circumstances...  
We should be the one defining our OWN happiness... no one else or any THING should be deciding whether or not we're going to be happy. 
Although Chase makes me incredibly happy... I'm also happy because... well.. I'm happy. I can still choose joy even aside from Chase.  
If I were to rely solely on how my day goes or on Chase for my happiness -- what happens if I get a flat tire... does that mean I'm no longer happy because something went wrong... 
No... it just means I have a flat tire. 
When we let every tiny little circumstance decide whether or not we're going to be happy -- we're never truly going to be happy.... because inevitably something will go wrong or our spouse will royally piss us of... let's be honest.  
It can CERTAINLY be hard to do this.... and I definitely still fall short of this at times... But I always hold myself accountable and reset..... You have to get in control of how you view things... and ultimately. life.  
Love yourself and choose your own joy... let the good times add even more joy to your life... and let your spouse be the icing on the cake... the chocolate cake... with chocolate sprinkles. 
Once you learn to love yourself the way that He loves you, you'll stop relying on everyone and everything else to be happy!!! 

You'll experience a new kind of happy life. 

photo by justin + mary | makeup by kristine marie | hair by chelsea styles