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A look back at 2014

kay.... SO... if you caught one of my recent wedding posts then you already know why I didn't blog much last year.... I was just going through one of my externals and decided to pull a few photos from some of my 2014 portraits sessions... I still need to go through 2-3 more externals... but this is at least a start on getting caught up in sharing my work!!!  
There's the saying.. and I'm sure most of you have heard it... but you should only compare yourself to who you were yesterday... and there's no time for comparison when you're sharing work from the year prior... but I can tell you -- even 7 years into this -- I'm still growing.. that's all that matters to me.. the minute I stop learning or improving is the minute I'm going to 'hang it up'... 
I'm so thankful to all of those who helped make my 2014 as a business owner AND a mom a spectacular one... that's not a word I use often... so know that I mean it... and for those of you who I still haven't blogged yet... you are SO included in this thank you =) 
In no particular order... a few of my sessions from 2014!!! =) =)
She is such a natural beauty!
Aren't they gorgeous!?!?!
One of my favorite ring shots.. this photo made it into my 'Sharon Elizabeth' Bridal Magazine!
If this was a photo of Chase and I - I would totally get it mounted and framed for my wall!!!
Red hair + Denim = my spirit animals!
The best crinkle nose smile!
One of my favorite photos...... SO much joy and love here!
LOL at the bottom left photo... totally not planned!!!
The most entertaining engagement session to date.. lol... #SHOTS
I want this one blown up!
One of the most beautiful souls!
These two.... so much sweetness!
Long-time clients Kate + Jeff welcomed a beautiful little boy last year... their maternity session photos are not in this post.. but they're gorgeous too!!!
I SO love how you can see Grant's expression too!
I truly adore this family... Jackson is my little boyfriend!
They are PRECIOUS!
LOVED their outfits and giggly-flirting!
Need ideas on what to wear to your session....... look no further!
Nothing sweeter than a mother's love!
My adopted sister on the right =)
This girl is SO selfless and so thoughtful!